How To Clean Nugget Ice Maker

How To Clean Nugget Ice Maker?

If you got a nugget ice maker, you should also know the exact procedure of how to nugget ice maker to keep the nugget ice tasting fresh. We recommend cleaning your nugget ice maker once a week so that you get the best quality of ice and your machine looks great. 

The best household appliances are ice makers, but in order for them to work correctly, you need to clean them. There are different cleaning instructions depending on the model you own. The Opal Ice Maker is the most well-liked nugget ice machine.

Due to the effectiveness and quality of ice they produce, thousands of people use Opal Ice Makers worldwide. We prepared this cleaning guide for the Opal Ice Maker, incorporating information from our own experience and manufacturers’ suggestions because most ice fans use this ice maker.

How To Clean Nugget Ice Maker: The Opal Ice Maker

We’ll walk you through numerous stages to cleaning your Opal Ice Maker. Stay with us and keep reading to discover the right approach.

Exterior Cleanup

Unplug your ice maker before beginning the cleaning process to prevent water from entering the machine’s components. Always use a soft cloth to clean the outside of your Opal Ice Maker machine. After wetting the fabric, carefully massage the machine’s exterior. Use a second soft towel to assist you in drying it after that.

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Since the outer surface is stainless steel, employing stainless steel cleaner will also make your job more comfortable. Use a liquid cleanser that doesn’t hurt your nugget ice maker but improves its appearance for more excellent results.

Using solvents, chemicals, appliance wax, or polish is not a good idea. They can harm your machine but can’t help you.

Always Use The Cleaning Kit Of Ice Maker

We advise you only to clean your ice maker when you have the appropriate cleaning supplies. It offers additional advantages because it includes everything needed to clean the nugget ice maker. If you have the cleaning kit and ice maker, you won’t need to use vinegar or bleach to descale your ice maker.

A cleaning solution, a cleaning cloth, and a sponge are often included in the ice maker’s cleaning kit, like the one for the Opal Ice Maker.

Ice Bin Cleanup

People who wish to maintain their nugget ice maker tidy and spotless frequently descale the machine’s ice bin to ensure that no dirt may accumulate there. The ice bin of the nugget ice maker is easy to clean. However, some people break their ice maker equipment as a result of the recognition.

First, take the ice bucket out of the appliance. Remain gently and wipe the area with a wet sponge or soft cloth without using any chemicals. After that, give it a thorough washing to kill any remaining bacteria. Finally, use a soft cloth to dry.

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Side Tank Cleanup

Drain the nugget ice maker’s side tank by taking it out of the machine. wash the Opal Ice Maker’s side tank with your hands. Never clean the interior components of a nugget ice maker in a dishwasher. Swab the difficult-to-reach regions with cotton instead.

With warm, soapy water, clean the side tank’s valve and cap. To adequately remove the water, unplug the drain tubes. After carefully cleaning the inside components, wipe them dry with a soft or spongy cloth. Replacing the side tank and connecting the drain tubes come next.

Water Reservoir Cleanup

Initially, unplug the equipment. Replace the reservoir’s intake cap with the water filter.

Pour the bleach and water mixture into the water reservoir after making the solution. Hold the “clean” button down for three seconds while the nugget ice maker is plugged in.

The “cleaning” button turns on when the cleaning procedure begins. After three minutes of cleaning, the “cleaning” button will no longer be active. The reservoir can empty naturally by gravity by simply unhooking the top of the drain hoses. To ensure thorough water drainage, remove the hose plugs at the ends and then replace them.

Cleaning With Vinegar For Removing Mineral Deposits

Using distilled water in their appliances is not something that all owners of nugget ice producers wish to do. In that situation, the machine becomes deposited with the minerals, and the device may require descaling or cleaning.

In order to prevent the minerals from depositing, add water and vinegar to the reservoir. For proper removal of mineral deposits, let the vinegar and water mixture in the reservoir for about 18 hours. After removing the mineral deposit, rinse three times with fresh water.


The article covered all the essential information that will help you to learn the exact process of how to clean a nugget ice maker. Go through each step again so that you wouldn’t harm your nugget ice machine. 

However, cleaning the ice maker is not a challenging task. However, since ice makers are pricey and you wouldn’t want to spend extra money on getting another one, understanding the specific technique is essential.

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