How To Make Nugget Ice At Home

5 Ways – How To Make Nugget Ice At Home

Are you Crazy about nugget ice?  Do you familiar with that small, brittle ice? In fact, the nugget ice, also called pebble ice, has small pieces that are soft and easily chewable. There are numerous ways to be aware of how to make nugget ice at home because not all ice is created equal and needs to have the proper shape and consistency.

To make nugget ice cubes or pebble ice put carbonated water or club soda in an ice tray and freeze. Then use your preferred technique to crush the cubes, such as a blender or a muddler. Take a sip!

Although there are numerous forms of ice—some restaurants use cubes, some use crushed—everyone agrees that lovely small nugget ice is incomparable. Meanwhile, the issue is how to make the perfect pebble ice cube at home.

This post will be beneficial for you if you enjoy biting on the soft, crumbling ice. Why? Since we’ll go through numerous techniques for creating chewable, soft, and delightful nugget ice at home, sipping will be more fun. Let’s discuss each method one by one in detail. 

Methods On How To Make Nugget Ice At Home

It may be pretty challenging to locate ice that is the proper size, shape, and consistency in a local store. Fortunately, there are several alternative approaches to producing little pebble ice cubes at home. Below are some of the effective ways to follow. 

Employ A Small Nugget Ice Tray

This is one of the quickest, cheapest, and most effective ways to make nugget ice cubes at home whenever you want. All you need to have is a Silicone Minni Ice Tray.  Like a traditional ice cube tray, you must fill the silicone openings with water. Then keep them in the freezer until the water solidifies. 

Once the pebbles are frozen, you can easily take them out without effort, thanks to malleable silicone. When it comes to flexibility, durability, and making ice pebbles in large amounts, then the LeeYean Ice Cube Tray has no competence. It comes in 3 packs making 480 pebbles once a time. 

Why Is Opal Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

The drawback of the LeeYean tray is that you frequently need to remove each ice cube from the silicone mould physically. Some folks love to make nugget ice using this tray, while others don’t, as it is highly annoying and time-consuming. 

Utilize A Nugget Ice Maker

You might choose a nugget ice machine if you don’t like to fill the ice tray with water and then freeze it. In contrast to an ice tray where you have to remove each piece of ice, this method does involve some upfront expenditure, but it might be faster and easier.

Nugget ice machines function by pumping the water you supply into a cylinder of extreme cold, where ice forms and is scraped off using a spinning auger. The ice is then further crushed and broken down, with the final result being that the pieces end up in a container from which you may use them to cool any beverage of your choosing.

The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is the most often used device. It costs about $500 at retail. Some other machines cost around $400 to $600. A nugget ice maker may be a good investment if you frequently find yourself in need of ice pebbles.

GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker is the best option as its supply will never last during gatherings and parties.  It’ll output one pound of ice every hour or 24 pounds each day. Moreover, you can connect the machine with your phone. 

Water With Carbonation Freeze (For Soft Ice)

When you want a more chewable texture, then freezing carbonated water is an excellent method to get soft chewable ice. You don’t need any specific equipment or ice molds using this approach. 

If you prefer ice with a distinctive chewy feel, you’re in luck! You only need to pour carbonated water into an ice tray, and then smash the ice. The carbon dioxide balloons in the ice are driven out when it freezes, creating ice that is thick with air bubbles that have crunchy ice consistency.

Ice Crushing With A Mixer

Using a blender to grind ice is another way to make nugget ice at home. You wouldn’t have to exert much physical effort to use this approach. Place the desired amount of water in your mixer, then fill it halfway up with water.

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Next, pulse the pieces until they are the ideal size. You’re done once you’ve strained out the extra water. The drawback of this approach is that some larger chunks of ice remain after the ice crashes because the fractured ice does not have a uniform size.

Use A Hand Towel Or Bag To Break Up The Ice

If you want to enjoy making pebble-size iced cubes, then you can go with this approach. You’ll have required a little effort and will have great fun making nugget ice. Here are some of the steps you can follow to break up the ice using a bag. 

First, wrap the ice with a hand towel or place it in a bag. Set it flat to ensure a single, even layer of ice cubes within the pack. Then utilize a hammer to smash the ice into the desired size. Use a chopping board to put ice cubes or something else to protect the kitchen bench from ruining. 

However, if you strike the ice too frequently, the outcome will be shaved ice. In order to get the ideal size pebble ice you want, hit the ice a few times. This method is not only efficient, practical, and simple, but it may also reduce stress and be a lot of fun.


In this article, we have shown you several methods on how to make nugget ice at home. However, there are many other quick and efficient ways to make pebble ice. Whichever strategy you choose from this guide will depend on your demands, available time, level of expertise, and other factors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to make pebble ice. If you’re looking to buy a nugget ice maker or want to learn how to use a ziplock bag on your own, invest some time in learning other techniques.

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