Best Nugget Ice Maker Undercounter

Nugget Ice Maker Undercounter In 2023

Do you love hosting parties and gatherings at your house? You might need a nugget ice maker to serve your guests great dishes and drinks. Portable nugget ice makers are great for home use, but you would need a nugget ice maker under-counter to meet the ice demands.

An under-counter nugget ice maker works similarly to a portable nugget ice maker except for a few changes. It requires more space and a direct water supply and produces more ice than a portable ice maker. Moreover, they are highly durable and heavier in weight. 

Most people opt for portable nugget ice makers due to their small size and weight. However, such ice makers have plastic bodies that are not durable and can last only a decade. Moreover, under-counter ice makers work automatically, and you don’t need to add water regularly.

Still confused? Here is the list of best nugget ice makers under the counter for your home, bar, or small cafe. In the end, you will also find an expert’s view of what to look for in an under-counter nugget ice maker.

7 Best Nugget Ice Makers in 2023

At a Glance:

  1. Manitowoc SM-50A
  2. Scotsman UN1520A-1
  3. EdgeStar IB450SSP
  4. ADT Ice Machine
  5. ZAFRO Ice Maker
  6. COTLIN Ice Maker Machine
  7. EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker

Placing the most expensive ice maker at the top, we will go downwards as the price of the machine falls. However, it doesn’t mean that the final product on our list is the wrong choice. All the products are up to the mark and are recommended by most users.

Manitowoc SM 50A Undercounter Ice Machine
Image Credit: Amazon

Manitowoc SM-50A

Manitowoc SM-50A Undercounter Ice Machine


Capacity :25 Pounds | Voltage :120 Volts | Item Dimensions LxWxH :14-3/4″Wx22-3/4″Dx33-1/2″H |


56 pounds of ice ready in just 24 hours

Stainless steel body

Easy to install


Small storage capacity

With an experience of over a century, Manitowoc has been producing high-quality machines that people love. Its durable and high-priced machines come with long life and efficient working. SM-50A Undercounter Ice Maker is another achievement of the company.


We would recommend this under-counter ice maker if you have a decent budget. It can yield up to 56 pounds of ice in 24 hours which is enough for home parties or a bar. However, the price is a bit higher, which is worth the quality of ice it produces.

With its stainless steel body, this machine is highly durable and powerful enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The machine weighs around 114 pounds, making it ideal for under counter use. 

You don’t need a professional to install the machine for you. It has easy fittings pipes so that you can hook it to a water supply and drainage system. Moreover, connecting it to a water supply makes the ice maker work automatically whenever there is space in the basket.

Besides this, it comes with an additional pump kit so you can drain water out of places where gravity drainage doesn’t work.  However, for a great event, ensure you save ice in your refrigerator as it can store only 25 lbs of ice.

Scotsman UN1520A 1 20 Inch Air Cooled Nugget Undercounter Ice Maker Machine
Image Credit: Amazon

Scotsman UN1520A-1

Scotsman UN1520A-1


Capacity :57 Pounds | Voltage :115 Volts | Item Dimensions LxWxH :20 x 24 x 38 inches |


High ice production and storage ability

Sleek and modern design

Corrosion resistant body

Environment friendly


A bit pricey

For those with a tight budget, skip this product. However, if you can afford it, it is the best quality nugget ice maker that can meet your ice requirements. Being highly reliable and durable, you will never regret buying this machine as it is a lifetime purchase. 


Though this is an under-counter ice maker, its sleek and modern design allows easy placement at any tight location. Being only 20 inches in width, you can place this ice maker inside a cabinet or any small place. 

The front-breathing system increases the flexibility in placement as you don’t have to worry about side clearance. The bar code on this machine made it even simpler for the users. Just scan the bar code on the machine and get access to the user manual and the cleaning guide. 

The body is made from stainless steel and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy to increase the durability and lifespan of the machine. With a production capacity of 167 pounds and a storage capacity of 56 pounds, this ice maker can single-handedly serve many people.

The company ensures the environment’s safety by using the non-ozone-depleting R-134A refrigerant. Moreover, the adjustable legs, an ice scoop, and a robust power cable make it easy for users to use.

EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker
Image Credit: Amazon

EdgeStar IB450SSP

EdgeStar IB450SSP


Capacity :50 Pounds | Voltage :115 Volts | Item Dimensions LxWxH :23.4 x 14.6 x 32.6 inches |


Highly durable body parts

Fresh and crunchy ice

Excellent design with the latest technology


Small ice storage basket

EdgeStar IB450SSP ice maker is an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective machine. This machine’s easy installation and simple usage make it a great option for home use. However, the company recommends a licensed plumber for its installation.


Here is a unique ice maker that is very rare in the market. Instead of producing nugget ice cubes, it makes nugget ice in the form of sheets. However, the ice is still crunchy and soft and is of the high quality recommended for restaurants.

Equipped with the latest technology: this machine has computerized controls that make it easy to control. It has a robust stainless steel door that makes it highly durable and protective against humidity.  

Though the company recommends it for commercial use, it has an average ice production capacity, making it suitable for home use. However, the quality of ice makes it a top choice for restaurants. It also includes a removable ice bin, an ice scoop, and a water drain pump.

This machine offers 50 pounds of ice per day and can store up to 25 pounds of ice. The excellent design and decent width of 15 inches make it a perfect choice for modern kitchens. The reversible door allows you to open the door in your preferred direction.

ADT Ice Mahcine Stainless Steel Under Counter Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker
Image Credit: Amazon

ADT Ice Machine

ADT Ice Machine


Capacity :55 Pounds | Voltage :115 Volts | Item Dimensions LxWxH :21.89 x 17.13 x 32.76 inches |


Auto cleaning

High ice production average

Powerful compressor 

Affordable price


No cons found yet

Here comes an allrounder nugget ice maker. With its high production and storage capacities, you can use this ice maker in a home, office, bar, restaurant, or other commercials. A sleek design and modern controls make it an excellent option for any modern kitchen or bar.


Don’t worry if your guests arrive without prior notice. This ice machine can make 120 cubes of nugget ice in just 12 minutes. Its fast working mechanism can generate 270 pounds of ice daily without overheating. Moreover, the ice basket can store 50 pounds of ice in form.

This machine comes with an LCD control that makes giving commands much easier. You can adjust the size of the pellet ice and the time by which you need it to be ready. Moreover, it also allows you to give commands such as CLEAN, ADD WATER, TIMER, etc.

The powerful compressor makes excellent quality ice that is highly chewable and is perfect for chilling the drinks. This machine needs to be installed within 4.5 feet of the water supply. The adjustable feet of this ice maker keep it well above the ground to protect it from water.

The microcrystalline technology installed in the walls of this machine keeps the ice cubes at a low temperature for a long time. However, it is better to store ice cubes in a deep freezer in the scorching season if you don’t need them instantly.

ZAFRO Ice Maker
Image Credit: Amazon

ZAFRO Ice Maker

ZAFRO Ice Maker


Capacity :80 Pounds | Voltage : | Item Dimensions LxWxH :15*20.3*33.5 inches |


Built-in LCD for advanced controls


Highly affordable

Bundle of functions

Easy Installation


Some users disliked the silver color

If you are looking for an ice maker for commercial purposes or have a large family, then this is for you. With its powerful compressor and robust body parts, this ice maker is an excellent choice for commercial needs. Moreover, its affordable price makes it suitable for home use.


ZAFRO ice maker has a fast and powerful compressor that can make up to 40 cubes of ice in just 15 minutes. This speed can produce up to 80 pounds of ice daily. Besides making ice super fast, it never compromises the quality, and you will always get soft and crunchy ice. 

This ice maker has a built-in LCD for controls to make it suitable for modern kitchens and restaurants. With this LCD, you can control ice thickness, auto cleaning, ice basket temperature, ice-making timer, and on/off functions. 

The door is replaceable and can be placed on any side of the machine. This allows you to open the door in any of the two directions. Moreover, the sensor technology warns you about a water shortage or a full ice basket.

It is a free-standing unit making its installation flexible. You can place it anywhere near a water supply and an electric connection. The machine comes with an elegant design that makes the self-cleaning process smoother.

COTLIN 15 Inch Built in Ice Maker Machine
Image Credit: Amazon

COTLIN Ice Maker Machine

COTLIN Ice Maker Machine


Capacity :22 Pounds | Voltage :115 Volts | Item Dimensions LxWxH :21.3 x 14.8 x 27.8 inches |


Great price for the features

Excellent quality ice

Simple one-button operation


Low ice production speed

We recommend this ice maker only if you want it for home use and have a small family. Though this ice maker has all the features of a commercial ice maker, its production capacity is relatively low. However, the ice quality is exceptional.


This ice maker can be an excellent choice if you want quality ice instead of a higher quantity. The COTLIN ice machine can produce 22 pounds of restaurant-quality ice daily. Moreover, the in-built deep freezer allows you to store the ice for a longer time at low temperatures.

The ice cubes are the ideal crescent type with a perfect mix of crunch and softness. The decent design and compact body allow easy fitting under the counter. Though the machine has an auto-clean feature, it is better to defrost manually after every use.

The reversible door and hinge allow you to set up the door in any of the two directions you feel comfortable with. It comes with a black matte and sturdy stainless steel body, increasing the machine’s durability. The 60 lbs weight makes it ideal for under-counter installation.

The ice bin has a smooth under-rail to make it easier to take it out. Moreover, it has just one button for operation. You switch the button position to “I,” and the auto working starts. You need to hook it up to a water supply for auto-working.

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine
Image Credit: Amazon

EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker

EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker


Capacity :80 Pounds, 24 Pounds | Voltage :110-120Volts | Item Dimensions LxWxH :18.47 x 14.96 x 33.9 inches |


Highly affordable

Highly durable

Produces enough ice for a family

Modern design


No cons found yet

This is the lowest-priced nugget ice maker on this list and is excellent for both commercial and home use. This ice maker’s high quality and quantity of ice production make it ideal for commercial use. On the other hand, its low price makes it an excellent choice for home use. 


This ice maker’s fast and robust compressor can make up to 80 lbs of ice daily. It has an ice basket that can store up to 24 pounds of ice at low temperatures for longer use. The ice basket has multiple insulation layers to keep the temperature as low as possible.

The fast-paced working of this machine can get you 40 ice cubes ready in just 11 minutes. However, you don’t have to worry about the overflowing ice as the built-in sensors warn you whenever the basket is full. Moreover, the auto clean program is also available.

The machine has a perfect design without any installation restrictions. You just need a water supply and can place it anywhere due to its compact size. The adjustable feet can help you lower or higher the machine from the ground. 

Most of the body parts are made of stainless steel to ensure the high durability of the machine. Moreover, it has a multifunctional LCD that acts as a control panel. It allows you to see the ambient temperature, select the ice cube’s size, and run the auto-clean program.

What To Look For In A Nugget Ice Maker Undercounter

Still not convinced about which one to buy? Here is a buying guide that could help you select an ice maker that meets your requirements. Go to an electrical appliances store and buy the one that suits you. However, read these instructions carefully before purchasing a new one.


Undercounter ice makers are designed to fit and efficiently use the space in a small spot. So, before purchasing an ice maker, consider where you want to place it. Measure the area’s dimensions and calculate the size of the machine required. 

If you don’t have a spot inside your kitchen and are looking for outdoor placement, then make sure you buy the outdoor ice maker. The outdoor machines are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Production Quantity

Knowing your ice requirements and purchasing an ice maker that can meet your needs is crucial. If your ice requirements exceed your machine’s ice production capacity, the whole purpose of buying an ice maker is defeated. 

Similarly, buying a machine that produces too much ice can be hard to handle. So before buying an ice maker, make sure to read the machine’s specs carefully. The production capacity is found in the user manual or the specifications table.

Cooling System

Ice makers’ compressors need a proper cooling system to work efficiently. Most ice makers nowadays either have a water or air cooling system.  Water-cooled systems require an additional tap water connection so the water may run through the machine for cooling.

On the other hand, air-cooled systems are the most common as they are easy to install. However, this cooling system may fail in a closed or tightly packed area. The machine will emit the heated air into the environment resulting in a temperature rise.

Type of ice

If you are a nugget ic lover, you would know that these are available in various forms and shapes. The common types of ice are nugget ice, full cube, half cube, flake, and gourmet ice. Each of these has a different purpose in chilling drinks. So what type of ice do you prefer? 

Drainage System

There are two types of drainage systems in ice makers. Either it is a gravity drain or a drain pump. Most ice makers have a gravity drain system as it is simpler and energy efficient. However, the pump drain system may require additional cost and power. 

Other Features

Besides these, your machine should possess several other features, such as a warranty, a water filter, and ADA compliance. Moreover, there are other factors to consider, including the look, design, cost, and power efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between nugget ice and crushed ice?

Yes, these two are different. Nugget ice is flaked ice with air packets, while crushed ice is a piece of larger ice cube crushed by something. The air pockets of the nugget ice make them soft and chewy, unlike crushed ice.

Which one melts slowly? Nugget ice or crushed ice.

Obviously, the nugget ice melts slowly as it has a small surface area compared to the crushed ice. A large surface area absorbs more heat, and the ice melts quickly. Among the nugget ice, the cube shape ice would melt faster than the crescent shape ice.

What is the best brand for under-counter nugget ice makers for 2023?

Though many companies are producing nugget ice makers, the most prominent among them are Manitowoc, EdgeStar, Scotsman, and Euhomy. There are other brands as well, such as COTLIN, ZAFRO, ADT, etc.


Purchasing a great nugget ice maker is a tough decision; once made, the responsibility doubles. For the ice maker’s efficient working and long life, you must thoroughly clean the machine regularly. Excellent quality nugget ice can double the taste of your drinks.

This was all about the best under-counter nugget ice maker. The machines mentioned above are of excellent quality and produce enough quantity of ice for a family’s needs. We also mentioned some commercial ice makers, so make sure you buy the right one.

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