Why Is My Igloo Ice Maker Not Working

Why Is My Igloo Ice Maker Not Working?

Are you browsing why your Igloo Ice Maker isn’t working? Does your Igloo ice maker have any problems? If so, you are not alone; we’ll offer some easy repairs in this post to assist you in getting your ice maker back in working order.

Igloo is renowned for producing trustworthy ice producers. Additionally fashionable, the units would look great in your house. But just like other appliances, they may experience some common usage issues that would make generating ice cubes challenging. 

Some first-time users could have trouble installing and using the ice maker. Fortunately, most problems with these machines are not as severe and frequently resolve themselves with simple tinkering. 

Here is a simple fixing and how-to guide to assist you in resolving some of the difficulties with your Igloo ice maker.

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Igloo Ice Maker Is Not Working

There is nothing more annoying than a malfunctioning ice machine. Here are a few steps to take to fix your Igloo Ice Maker if it is not working properly.

Not Operating

This is most likely an issue if your ice maker does not produce ice. It may be unexpected, but there are frequently warning signs that something is awry. You may have ignored their worries and now find yourself without ice.

Regardless, there are several potential reasons. These are some examples:

  • You have deactivated the ice maker
  • The ice machine isn’t working
  • Your ice maker has not received any water
  • The water is present, but it is not being transported to the ice-making component.
  • The ice bin is completely filled
  • The water supply pipe is clogged
Why Is My Igloo Ice Maker Not Working
Why Is My Igloo Ice Maker Not Working

Possible Solutions

Suppose your ice machine was previously operational but isn’t currently, start by looking at the power source. Either the outlet is broken, or the plug managed to get itself out of the socket. Despite what might appear obvious, make sure the machine is turned on.

You could have accidentally pressed the pause button on most ice producers. To make new ice, you should empty the ice bin if it is full. It’s possible that the problem is not with those but instead with the way water gets to the ice machine.

If you have a blocked tube, you should investigate the issue and clear it. You may use a hair dryer to defrost any frozen water. Additionally, you should check the reservoir levels because the ice maker won’t function if it is too low.

Ice Doesn’t Discharge

At first, you might think that the Igloo Ice Maker isn’t producing any ice because there isn’t any in the bin. When you open it, ice is visible on the tray. As a result, ice is being produced, but the cubes aren’t being thrown into a collection container.

A malfunctioning heating or ejector system may be at blame for this. You might be able to solve the issue on your own.

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Possible Solutions

A heating system is included in the ice maker to warm up the tray’s bottom and loosen it. The cubes are then swept into the basket by the ejector mechanism. After that, you may pick them up and place them in your cup.

You can fix it if the heating or ejector mechanisms break down. You must examine each component individually to look for corrosion, frayed wires, or damaged parts. While you can replace specific elements independently, you could also need expert assistance.

Yucky-Tasting Ice Or Ice That Smells

You’re going to run into the nasty ice issue eventually. Ice that is of a high caliber is like water. They taste and smell nothing. Making a batch that tastes or smells strange indicates that something went wrong throughout the production process.

Most individuals frequently describe the flavor as stale or as having spent some time in an enclosed environment without air. The beverage may pick up this staleness. There are several potential reasons for this.

One possibility is that the Igloo Ice Maker is filthy. Another option is to overfill the ice dispenser, or the water is of poor quality.

Possible Solutions

  • Ice Maker Cleaning

Cleaning your ice machine should be your first step. To learn how to clean each component and remove it from the inside, consult the handbook. Additionally, be sure to give the tray a thorough cleaning.

If your ice machine is brand-new, it could taste “plastic.” By thoroughly cleaning the machine before producing useful ice, you may solve that problem. Think about completing a cleaning cycle with two “rinse” cycles.

But occasionally, the issue is with the water. Those pollutants will linger in the ice if you use tap water. Check whether your machine has a built-in filter, and check to determine if it needs to be replaced.

There might not be a filter fitted on an ice machine with a water connection. A filter might be easily added to the line. When filling the reservoir of a portable ice maker, only use filtered or bottled water.

  • Always Have Fresh Ice

Staleness occasionally has nothing to do with the machine specifically. You may have kept your ice in its basket for too long, causing it to get “stale.” The ice will no longer taste fresh after a few hours. Machines that reuse melting ice water frequently do this. 

The ice will melt if your trashcan isn’t empty. The water is subsequently poured back into the reservoir to create additional ice. The problem is that as the old ice melts, the water starts to taste old. Utilizing the ice as soon as feasible is a beautiful idea. Additionally, you might wish to Daily replace the water in the reservoir.


We’re hopeful that the solutions mentioned above will be helpful to you if your Igloo Ice Maker isn’t working. The remedies we covered above were inspired by our struggles and extensive research on consumer complaints.

You can contact a technician if none of the above-listed techniques are successful. In our opinion, it is best to be ready and attempt to resolve the issue on your own whenever feasible.

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